Fortuna BMC's First Large-Scale Project in the State of New York

Sacramento, California (February 26, 2021) – Fortuna Business Management Consulting (Fortuna BMC) has won its first large-scale project in the state of New York. The company has been assigned to build a contact center support team requiring 400+ people to assist in the state’s vaccination line emergency response program. Fortuna BMC was able to recruit nationwide and deliver 320 agents in the span of 72 hours, while the rest of the call center team were completed the following week.

Fortuna BMC was able to provide 400+ job opportunities amidst the pandemic that affected businesses nationwide. This is not the first time that Fortuna BMC developed a contact center support that required large-scale rapid deployments at a moment’s notice. In June 2020, Fortuna BMC was also able to deliver, from scratch, a turnkey 200+ person call center comprised of California remote workers, in a span of two months. The California call center team provided support to Midwestern US locations, which scaled up Fortuna BMC’s existing California operations.
Recruiting and staffing are important aspects of Fortuna BMC’s capabilities. They are your go-to partner for on- demand team building, wherein they build consulting and implementation teams including project managers, business analysts, helpdesk, contact center support and technical support teams, specific to any business or project needs. The company is able to recruit nationally, having a talent pool based anywhere in the United States, and deliver locally wherever the project is located. Fortuna BMC provides teams and candidates within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the project requirements.
About Fortuna BMC
Fortuna BMC is an IT consulting and staffing company, comprised of experienced professionals and industry experts. Our team is committed to provide the most efficient and innovative information technology solutions customized to our clients’ needs. We aim to deliver quality services on time and on budget. Some of our IT capabilities include Contact Center Support, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Security, Project Management, Business Process Engineering (BPE) and Organizational Change Management.

We offer a people-centric and customized approach to help you thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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